With second in the GPD list we have Algeria Who has a diverse history of religions and is the largest country in the meditarian sea and the 11th largest country in the world.

Flag :

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Algeria's official language is Arabic and there government is a republic. its population is estimated to be 33million in 2008 and its Currency is the Algerian Dinar "DZD"

Algeria was once governed by the Carthaginians but the higher population was made of Berbers. When the Western Roman Empire collapsed the Berbers got their independence and by then Islam came to Algeria and Algeria officially became a Muslim country.

Fossil fuel is the main core of the Algerian economy recorded for about 60% of the country’s economy, 30% of GDP and 95% of export. Algeria is ranked 14 in oil preserves globally. Algeria's economy rapidly grew from 2000-2001 Due to the large oil preserves found and the governmental fiscal policy leading to a large trade surplus. the Government later attracted foreign and domestic investments outside the energy sector which then enhanced the country’s economy which decreased unemployment and increased the standard of living. However in 2001 soviet agreed to erase $4.7million of dept from Algeria and so in return Algeria bought $7.4million worth of combat planes. And in 2006 Algeria paid of its debts before end date to "Paris club" with a total of $8billion which reduced Algerians foreign debts and gave Algeria a good Economical view.

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