South Africa

South Africa

With the greatest GDP of Africa we start off with South Africa with a $254.99 Billion GDP in 2006. South Africa lays in the southern most part of Africa.

Its Coat of arms : 480px-Coat_of_arms_of_South_Africa.svg.png

and its Flag : SouthAfricaF.gif

South Africa with a population of 47.9 million and 79.6% of them are black and local while the other 21% are mixed nationalities. Its capital is Pretoria. South Africa has been in a lot of conflict from the British to the German and the African. It has been through a lot of changes and governance until 1991 when South Africa got its independence and was officially a state of Africa.

South Africa is a Democracy Government so as you can imagine of the choices are made by the Local communities. This would make foreign business hard to start. This is why a lot of the retail stores are usually from Africa. we’re as the large manufacturing and distributors vary from around the world.

The UN Classified South Africa as a middle class country with a lot of resource and well equipped with human needs such as communication, lighting and water pumps and a Stock Exchange! South Africa is rapidly increasing in economy in four areas, Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, Durban, and Pretoria/Johannesburg. And beyond these four towns is a savage land of poverty and hunger thus making a vast number of South Africans poor. Even though South Africa has one of the highest GDP in Africa it suffers from large income gaps and duel economy. But a 10year time with the growth of South Africa problems should be solved and unemployment rate should be decreased by then.

The average household income decreased a lot from 1995 – 2000. And as for racism statistics show that in 1995 and average white man would get 4 times income as an average black man. And in 2000 the average of a white man was 6 times more than the average of a black man. Later on the affirmative action took place in demand of equality and to abolish racism. So after that a lot of middle class black African emerged.

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