African Economy

African Economy

Africa is known to be one of the world’s richest natural resource continents. Located under Europe and adjacent to Arabia Africa has been in slaved and in war for thousands of years. Africa is one of the greatest provider of fresh water, diamonds, animal skin, cotton and allot more. The world’s longest River the Nile runs in Africa. The world’s oldest desert also is in Africa. not only that but also the most species of animals lay in Africa !

Throughout the years Africa has faced allot of problems such as slavery and rebellions. Africa has been under the control of the British Empire for hundreds of years and it has been nothing more than just a simple trade root and a waste land for them. The Greatest African trade that happened in its all times was slavery. The British Empire with the American empire would savagely torture and take African families as slaves. They would have been bought and sold with no value.
Now-a-days more than 922 million people live in Africa and 80million Egypt alone. Its population is rapidly increasing and it consists of a large number of the world’s society. Yet its world poorest society and has 54 countries. Some countries in Africa had experience moderate growth yet still 25 countries stand to be the world’s poorest.

We will be discussing the African economy and how it has increased and decreased in countries in or near Africa.
This is a graph displaying all the African countries with their GDP from top to bottom:


We will be talking about the top four countries and lowest three countries according to GDP in Africa. At first we have South Africa then Algeria following Algeria we have Nigeria then Egypt . Starting from the lowest we have The Republic of Guinea-Bissau following that the Democratic Republic of São Tomé and Príncipe and lastly the poorest of all countries in africa according to GDP is Somalia

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